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A Fun Place to Learn!

fostering confidence

Fostering Competence

Our educational philosophy is to foster competence in children. Blocks, art, computers, library, dramatic play, science, math and language areas are all equipped with activities designed for "purposeful play." This environment allows stimulating activities that promote problem-solving skills as well as academic readiness.

Mastering Skills for Primary Learning

Each week a specific skill is introduced or reinforced. Our children are tested upon entering kindergarten, and the cumulative results are posted on the internet site It is very important to us that all of our children master the skills that build the basis for primary school learning.
preparing our children for the future

We Have a Mission

Preparing Our Children for the Future
What will your children need to succeed in their lifetime? Our changing world will place high demands on our students. We will be challenged to compete scholastically with the world. Basic skills may not be enough.
Think Globally
Exposure to a second language in the first year of life hardwires the brain for the capacity to learn a second language. Experiencing firsthand a variety of nationalities and cultures teaches tolerance and love for fellow mankind.
A Love of Learning Must Be Developed in the Early Years
A good preschool experience is so very important and will give your child the love of learning and experiences necessary to be successful throughout their life. Our approach to the learning process, our environment, our nutritional program, the extracurricular activities and our long-term experienced staff enable us to give your child this love of learning.